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Governance & administration

亚博全站官网登录平台在政府的授权下运作 University Act. We are governed by a Board of Governors 和一个 参议院.


The role of our executive, headed by the President, is to lead and manage the affairs of the university. We operate in accordance with the University Act and the policies established by the university.

Kevin Hall, PhD

Office of the President

Kevin Hall is the president of the University of Victoria. His five-year term began Nov. 1, 2020.


As the Chief Executive Officer of the university, 总统为大学提供全面的领导. 实现学校的愿景和目标是总统的责任.

The President directs the operation of the university. This includes its academic work, business affairs, alumni relations, 政府与社会各界的关系和接触.

Qwul’sih’yah’maht Robina Thomas, PhD

Vice-President Indigenous


Qwul 'sih 'yah 'maht Robina Thomas是土著副主席(VPI). VPI向总统报告,并提供领导和指导,进一步推动亚博全站官网登录平台对真相的承诺, respect and reconciliation as identified in our Strategic Framework and the Indigenous Plan.

Valerie Kuehne, PhD

Office of the Vice-President Academic and 教务长


副校长兼教务长(VPAC)为大学提供学术领导,并领导亚博全站官网登录平台的综合规划过程. VPAC办公室确保学生的杰出经验,并培养学术卓越和创新的环境.

The VPAC office is committed to:

  • 跨学科整合教学、学习、研究和公民参与
  • advancing research-inspired teaching in our classrooms
  • 招聘和保留最高的国家和国际标准的教员
  • ensuring excellence of academic programs
  • 支持教师、图书馆员和学术领袖的职业发展
  • championing equity and diversity excellence across campus

向副院长报告的职位包括12个院长, 大学图书管理员和机构规划主任.

Through three associate vice-presidents, VPAC的工作包括负责注册主任办公室, Enrolment Services, Student Services, 校园 Services, Athletics and Recreation, Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement, Co-operative Education and Career Services, Equity and Human Rights, and the Division of Learning, Teaching, Support and Innovation.

Lisa Kalynchuk, PhD

Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation


研究与创新副主席(VPRI)促进和促进在亚博全站官网登录平台的研究和创造性活动. The VPRI:

  • 制定和实施战略计划,以支持丰富的研究环境
  • 创建并监督符合最高道德和监管标准的研究政策和程序
  • 与潜在的研究资助者合作以提高可用资源
  • 促进动员通过研究创造的知识,以造福社会
  • 通过教师和学生的卓越研究,寻求提高大学的声誉

Through two associate vice-presidents and four directors, VPR的投资组合包括负责11个参议院和董事会批准的研究中心和研究所, the Office of Research Services, Animal Care Services, 以及研究伙伴关系和知识动员单位.

Gayle Gorrill

Office of the Vice-President Finance and Operations



VPFO领导着一个庞大而多样的投资组合,其中包括财务, human resources, computing and systems services, security and physical plant functions of the university.


  • the overall quality of services
  • 满足投资组合领域的法律和报告要求
  • deploying resources
  • 改进计划,提高大学执行其战略计划的能力

Chris Horbachewski

Office of the Vice-President External Relations


The external relations portfolio includes 校友 Relations, Government and Community Relations, University Communications + Marketing, Ceremonies and 事件, and Giving to 亚博全站官网登录平台.

Carrie Andersen

Office of the University Secretary


大学秘书办公室通过各管理机构和委员会的管理,支持亚博全站官网登录平台的良好管理, which includes the Board of Governors, 参议院, and the Foundations. 该办事处还负责监督平等和人权办事处, and institutional policy development.

Board of Governors

In accordance with the University Act, the Board of Governors is responsible for the management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business 和一个ffairs of the university. This fifteen-member body consists of the chancellor, the president, two elected faculty members, one elected 工作人员 member, 从大学的本科生或研究生社团中选出的两名学生, 八名成员由副总督会同议会任命.

Current Board of Governors members


根据大学法案,参议院负责大学的学术管理. This includes matters related to libraries, faculties, departments, courses of instruction, fellowships, scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, 奖, admissions, 学生申诉和学位(包括荣誉学位)的授予, diplomas and certificates).

Current 参议院 members

University Chancellor

As of January 1, 2022, 著名法律学者和法官马里恩·布勒被任命为亚博全站官网登录平台校长.

布勒校长于1975年在亚博全站官网登录平台获得人类学学士学位,并于1987年获得法律学士学位. 2012年,她获得了亚博全站官网登录平台社会科学学院颁发的杰出校友奖. In 1994, Ms. 在做了六年民事和刑事律师之后,布勒成为了不列颠哥伦比亚省第一位被任命为法官的第一民族女性. 2016年至2019年,她担任全国土著妇女和女孩失踪和被谋杀调查的首席专员.

She is a member of the Mistawasis Nêhiyawak, a Cree First Nation in Saskatchewan, but lives in the Lower Mainland, where she served as a provincial court judge. In 2006, 她建立并主持了“第一民族法庭”(即现在的“土著法庭”),并为“土著家庭治疗法庭”会议提供了基础, 旨在将传统的恢复性司法原则纳入量刑程序和儿童保护事项. 她曾担任土著律师协会的董事和主席,并一直是B.C.广东省法院教育学会、广东省法律基金会和广东省高等教育学会.C. Police Commission. As well, 她是加勒比-奇尔科廷司法调查委员会的顾问,并发表了关于B区原住民权利和第一民族法律服务的报告和文章.C. 2021年10月,汤普森里弗斯大学授予布勒荣誉法学博士学位

More information about the Chancellor

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